Ben Thornton-Wild

Portrayed By:

Freddie Stroma

Created By:

Damon Beesley
Iain Morris

Appeared in:

The Inbetweeners 2

Ben Thorton-Wild is a character in the second Inbetweeners movie and Will's primary antagonist. He is 'travelling' in Australia.

Role in the MovieEdit

Ben is first encountered waiting for the bus from Sydney to Byron Bay. Will overhears Ben discussing his previous journeys in South America with other travelers. Impressed with what he hears Will introduces himself and tries to join the conversation. His opportunity to pass himself off as a 'traveler' is ruined however when Neil joins the conversation and tells Ben and the other travelers about their holiday in Malia the previous year.

Ben later mocks the boys for being 'tourists' as opposed to 'travelers’. After spending a few hours in Ben's company at the hostel, Will is sick of him by the evening.

He amongst the crowd from the hostel that attend 'Splash Planet'. He challenges Will to a race down one of the flumes; the loser having to streak around the park. Will wins after Neil loses control of his bowels (due to his so called Irritable Bowel Syndrome) at the top of the flume, sending feces down after Will. Whilst he manages to escape the pursuing excrement in the fume, the splash made by Ben hitting the water causes the offending article to hit Will, smearing his face and shoulders, causing him to vomit profusely and the pool being cleared in panic.

After deciding to remain in Byron Bay with Katie as opposed to joining the boys on their journey into the Outback to find Jane, Will is forced to endure more of Ben's company. His dislike of Ben begins to boil over that evening during a traditional 'Song Line' ceremony, where Ben second guesses all of Will's responses. Not believing in Song Lines and sick of Ben, Will angrily leaves. His dislike finally erupts after Ben kisses Katie in front of him and it is revealed that despite her constantly flirting with Will, she and Ben have been an item all along; Katie finding him very 'spiritual'. Will reacts angrily to this and launches into one of his signature rants, saying that Ben does not believe in Song Lines anymore than he does and that he only pretends to be spiritual to come across as impressive to girls as he knows he is "boring and pretentious". Will them moves to mocking his dreadlocks, saying that "they do not look good on white people" and just scream that he has a trust fund and that he is an "unbearable prick".

Ben has the last laugh however as he and Katie have loud sex in the bed next to Will.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Ben can readily be described as a handsome young man. He has a tan, a six-pack, and sports long blonde dreadlocks. However he is cocky, arrogant, pretentious and overly confident. Although it is not explicitly confirmed it is likely that Ben is from an affluent family and may indeed hold a trust fund.