Chris D'Amato
Chris as he appears in Series 1.

Portrayed by:

Deo Simcox

Created By:

Damon Beesley
Iain Morris

First Appearance:

Bunk Off

Last Appearance:

Camping Trip


Mrs. D'Amato (Mother)
Steve D'Amato (Father)
Carli D'Amato (Sister)

Chris D'Amato is Carli D'Amato's younger brother who Will babysits in the episode Bunk Off, whilst Simon tries to pull Carli. Will tells him about terrorists, causing him a week's worth of sleepless nights. Simon then starts to ask Carli for Nurofen but is interrupted by suddenly vomiting on Chris' head.

Chris does not appear again until the the last episode of series 3 ' Camping Trip'. Upon being told that his family face a move to Swansea, a drunk Simon climbs into an upstairs window of Carli's house to tell her how he feels. Unfortunately for Simon he does not realise that he is in Chris' bedroom until he tries to touch her and a terrified Chris wakes up and screams for his parents.

This incident led Alan Cooper to spend the whole of the following morning reading about 'chemical castration' believing that Simon was a paedophile. An incredibly hungover Simon clears up this misunderstanding by saying he thought he was in Carli's room.

In spite of her negative traits, Carli comes across as very protective of Chris and was furious with Will for scaring him. Ironically, in both episodes Chris apears in, He ends up being traumatised by a drunk Simon.