Season 1: 2008

Season 2: 2009
Screenshot Title Original airdate Year broadcast Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Firstdaypicture "First Day" May 1st 2008 2008 1 1
Will McKenzie moves to Rudge Park Comprehensive after moving from his private school.
SkipSchool "Bunk Off" May 1st 2008 2008 2 2
The boys skip school for the day to buy alcohol, instead Will buys crisps.
Thorpepark "Thorpe Park" May 8th 2008 2008 3 3
After Simon passes his driving test, the guys take a road trip up to Thorpe Park for the day.
InbetweenersGirlfriend "Girlfriend" May 15 2008 2008 44
When the guys end up at a "cool" party Will meets Charlotte Hinchcliffe but his experience is short lived due to Mark Donovan interrupting.
Caravanclub "Caravan Club" May 22nd 2008 2008 5 5
When Jay tells to guys how amazing Caravan Club is they head over only to realize it was one Jay's lies.
Xmasparty "Xmas Party" May 29th 2008 2008 6 6
Will is put in charge of the Christmas prom.
Screenshot Title Original airdate Year broadcast Season Episode # Total Episodes #
Fieldtrip "The Field Trip" April 2nd 2009 2009 1 1
The guys go on a school field-trip to swan-age Will and meets Lauren who likes Simon not him.
Work "Work Experience" April 9th 2009 2009 2 2
When will and Neil's work experiences are mixed up Will must work at a garage.
Willsbday "Will's Birthday " April 16th 2009 2009 3 3
Its Will's birthday and he wants a sophisticated dinner party.
London "A Night Out in London" April 23rd 2009 2009 44
Will decides the guys should go clubbing in London.
Dukeofedinburgh "The Duke of Edinburgh Awards" April 30th 2009 2008 5 5
Will is asked to co-ordinate the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.
Exam "Exam Time" May 7th 2009 2009 6 6
End of term exams are looming and Will is getting stressed.

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