Portrayed By:

Theo James

Created By:

Damon Beesley
Iain Morris

Appeared in:

The Inbetweeners Movie

James is Carli's new boyfriend and a bully in the Inbetweeners Movie.


James is the main antagonist in the Inbetweeners movie because of his mean actions towards the four boys. He's a real bully and he first runs Simon over with a quad bike while he was talking to Carli. He later encounters Simon again when Simon was trying to his sell his clothes to get money for a boat party ticket. James steals them by falsely telling Simon that he had someone who needed the clothes and that he will buy them for a good price. James then takes all of Simons' clothes including the ones he was wearing and he never came back to give Simon the money. Will was forced to lend his t-shirt to act as temporary underwear and it reveals the sunburnt penis on Wills back much to the embarrassment of them both. Later on in the evening, Jay and Neil encounter James and his mates at a nightclub. They try to join in and befriend the group but James just cruelly mocks them, before telling them to "get out of my face". Jay insisted he and Neil were no bother before James violently threatens to injure Jay, forcing the two boys out of the nightclub and making Jay cry.

James is later seen at the boat party where Carli breaks up with him. Carli uses Simon by snogging him to try and make James jealous but he just ignores her and carries on chatting to other women. James then comes across Jay again who with his girlfriend Jane. He mocks Jane's weight before demanding drugs off Jay. Jay gives him a 20 euro note that he had concealed in his anus oringinally to be used to bribe corrupt foreign policeman when necessary. This results in James unknowingly walking around with faeces on the end of his nose for the rest of the day. (He didn't seem to notice this as women he tries to talk to move away from him.)


  • Unlike other nasty people who treat Will badly, James has never been nasty to him, but Simon, Jay and Neil.