Katie Evans

Portrayed By:

Emily Berrington

Created By:

Damon Beesley and Iain Morris

Appeared in:

The Inbetweeners 2

Katie Evans is Will's sixth love interest and one of the members who are out travelling in Australia in The Inbetweeners 2. Will and Katie had been friends since primary school, until Will had to go to Rudge Park. They met by mistake in Australia, when Neil knocks Will into her playing "Nudgies", at the nightclub where Jay is working as the toilet manager.

Katie tells Will that she is out travelling with her friends in Australia and they both agree to meet up at a bus station, and get on a bus which will take them to Byron Bay, along with the gang. Will and his friends go to the bus station the next morning and meet up with Katie and her friends, where they discover than Katie's friends are quite arrogant, are obsessed with travelling around the world and are extremely patronising to Will and his friends.

While they are in Byron Bay, Katie tells Will that Ben (one of her travelling friends) can be be a "massive dick" and that she dislikes him. She tells Will that she think he is very spiritual causing Will to preemptively agree to have a chance of having sex with her. She says to Will (whilst drunk) that if he could play guitar, she would "jump him right now", to which Will responds by playing her a very off tune guitar song. This causes her to take him to bed and she tries to have sex with her, to which Will tries to object since Jay is watching them. Eventually, Will allows her to make him finger her, causing her to fall asleep. But Will doesn't give up on trying to make love with her yet.

The next night things go bad for Will and Katie comes and cheers him up at the fireplace. Will cheers up and becomes happy, until he becomes confused when Ben turns up and kisses Katie. Katie tells Will that she kisses a lot of people and she thinks Ben is very spiritual (which he isn't) and that they are in a relationship. Will gets upset and furious of Katie's behaviour and thinking she is clever, when she is a fool. Ben tries to be kind to him, but he is mean to him after everything Ben had said and been to Will. He ends up calling Ben "boring and pretentious" and that his dreadlocks look embarrassing on white people and that he is an unbearable prick, and then he walks away. Katie is last heard having loud and engaged sex with Ben, much to Will's displeasure.