Mrs. Sutherland
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Portrayed By:

Stephanie Fayerman

Created By:

Damon Beesley
Iain Morris

Appeared in:

Will's Dilemma


Kevin Sutherland (Son)
Neil Sutherland (Grandson)
Katie Sutherland (Granddaughter)

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Mrs. Sutherland was the gran of Neil and the mother of Kevin.

She is only ever seen once in Series 3: Will's Dilemma attending her grandsons birthday party when Neil allows Simon to use his bedroom for him and Tara to have some 'time alone' Neil says "Oh, try not to spunk on the sheets" to her horror and shock. Neil then asks his gran is she would like any crisps.

She is later seen comforting a crying Kerry after Will 'dumps' her. She believes everything Kerry says and reprimands Will for "taking advantage of her", thinking Will's actions are "pretty low" and that he should "be ashamed" of himself.

She is not seen or mentioned after this episode.