The Black Horse was pub in Ruislip. Neil confused it with The Black Bull. After spending some time in The Black Bull after Simon got a text from Carli asking where he was in the pub (Not realising Simon and the others were in the wrong pub). After realising this they headed to The Black Bull for a start of term drink which was actually illegal since most of the Students were actually underage. When they arrived at the pub Will attempted to order four pints of Lager. Simon joined Carli and to his disappointment (Which he hid) her boyfriend Tom. Neil and Jay kept telling people playing a quiz game the answer was Lee Sharpe when the answer was actually Roy Keane. After being denied drinks from Ian (The Barman). Will started criticising the pub for letting everybody who was in the pub at the time order Alcholic drinks despite being underage. Afterwards Ian chucked everyone out. Afterwards Mr. Gilbert entered and told Will sarcastically he'd make sure Will would get another badge for this then told him to get out so he could have a pint.

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